Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Just got into Bali last night from Singapore. So far so good, did a bit of surfing today, was out till 4am last night wandering around the township. The city is quite nice, although our place is not, three people sharing one bed makes for an interesting night. Woke up this morning, had some breakfast, and headed out to the beach for some surfing. I was quite tired having only slept 3 hours last night, but I did manage to get out and catch a few waves. The water is warm and not frigid like the Pacific North West (Tofino), so one can manage to stay in the water longer. Also you don't need a wetsuit, which allows you to move easier out there. This makes it better for getting out far into the ocean. Other than that, not much to update thus far, Indonesia is quite the place and I plan to spend the next few weeks exploring it!


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  1. rub a dub dub
    three men in a tub
    who do you think they be?
    Brian, Blair and J DouBLE-u with beer
    All of 'em floating into the sea