Saturday, October 24, 2009


I just got to Railay beach in Southern Thailand. After a long un-eventful boat ride from Phi Phi island, I've finally reached the rock-climbing capital of South-east Asia. We got to Railay yesterday pretty tired and hungry so we decided to stay in the first bungalow accommodations we found. It was only 300 bahts, but not surprisingly the front-desk person informed us that the price was going up after 1 night, claiming it was some tourist holiday. We met our friends Jason (Vernon, BC) and Adam (L.A) and we soon discovered that their place was much better. Although it was slightly more expensive, 500 bahts or 15usd, to our delight it has a TV, fridge, and a hot shower. We moved their this morning, and so far its been fine and dandy. It is nice to have a TV and a fridge, I watched a few sports highlights before mid day. Not much to report from Railay yet, I decided to take a personal day and finish my book before I lose it along with the other books I have lost. I'm currently reading Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" which is quite interesting. His book defined what is commonly known in the U.S. as the counter-culture and/or the beat generation, and it is interesting to see how his book influenced the rise in the counter-culture in the United States leading up to the Vietnam War. I've gotten over 150 pages into the book, and is finally getting into it. Being on the last half of my trip, I've been trying to find more private time for a bit of self-reflection. Railay is good for that, its quiet and less touristy than Phi Phi! Anyways I'm going to get back to my book, so far I have a planned hike and maybe some rock climbing tomorrow. Limestone Karsts make for a good climb!

Tah tah,

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