Friday, October 16, 2009

Johnny Wu the Typhoid Kid

I am indeed still alive, after not blogging for ages I have finally found time and more importantly the good health that has eluded me for the last 12 days. So I left off after leaving the Gili's, which was a wonderful time and maybe I shouldn't have left because as soon as we got into our next destination that is when all the trouble started. We got to the town of UBUD 2 hours north of Bali central (Kuta Beach) UBUD is not known for much besides relaxation and basking in the culture their. UBUD is loaded with rice paddies, steep ravines, minor trekking, and its filled with Balinese culture. There were dances, shows, artisan shops, and craft shops to visit. They usually won't be pawning their regular souvenir tourist knock-off items but crafts that they actually made themselves and are selling at their store front. The food was interesting and definitely somewhat agreeable, a mixture of Indian and Balinese food. We travelled in a 4-some to UBUD, Blair and I met two wonderful ladies and we decided to all travel together during our time in UBUD before they headed down to Australia. Needless to say they provided outstanding company and enjoyment, and we had a very much the time travelling with them. Sally and Amy are off to Aus now so I wish them good luck in their travels their.

The problem started when Blair first got sick, I woke up one morning and Blair was literally immobilized to the bed, he couldn't move, all his joints hurt and he felt like he got a concussion. Possibly a mild form of dengue fever, but we aren't sure since we never went to the clinic to get it checked out. This lasted for a total of 3 days, then it was my turn to get sick, this time I got proper sick. I won't bore up with the gross details, but I felt absolutely nasty for the longest while. I couldn't move, my bones felt dead, joints were useless, and my brain was getting a heatwave not seen since Africa. I was lying in bed for a good awhile, it hurt to talk and I was a complete mess. Blair had to take care me for the first week, which was awesome to not be travelling alone and have someone take care of you when needed. We ended up wasting a lot of time in UBUD being sick and not doing much, which is quite unfortunate since there seemed like a lot to do there. We headed back to Kuta, so Blair could at least go surfing and I could go see a doctor.

We got to Kuta and I went to see the Doctor, which was more settling. Long story made short, I got diagnosed with Typhoid and a high fever. The former being more serious than the latter. I had to take a series of shots and medications, which I'm still taking. Determined to not let Typhoid hit me again! This comes to one of Johnny Wu's travel lessons, if the only lesson you get from me! Please please get your necessary shots before you leave for a long trip overseas. The process may seem tedious and slightly painful, but it is inexpensive and it saves you a lot of potential nightmares and hassles when you are overseas. I know people constantly say they didn't get them and they were fine, but every body reacts differently to different situations, and its seems silly not to get it when it can prevent so much undue headaches. Anyways on my next trip I will definitely get them, or I might even get a few in Thailand, which is known to have some good doctors kicking the can around.

As for now, we have left Kuta and I'm not back in Malaysia hanging out in the cultural city of Melaka till the 19th and I will be on my to Phuket to meet up with Blair. Melaka has been great, the food mostly. After recovering from Typhoid, I've had a voracious diet, so I've been feeding my face at a near alarming rate. O well, better than not eating.

I'll try to make a more detailed update on my plans soon, I know this isn't a lot, but having Typhoid doesn't give you a lot to write about. Cheers all, Thanks a million to my Dad! Mom! Peter! and friends for the support!

one love,


  1. I'm glad that things are much better now. Tell the injecting nurse that you are somewhat afraid of needles and s/he will take necessary precautions to make sure that you don't feel a thing including breathing exercises and a tap on the other arm. I'm really happy that you are recovering and having a voracious apettite I just wish French banks would clear money orders more quickly.

  2. Thank you Dr. Lo, I'm quite infatiuated with the Malay food in Melaka, one day we will eat it together.